This earthquake happened on May. 12th is a terrible disaster. Up till May. 13th, around 12,000 people are reported to be killed and the earthquake center is still not accessible at the moment. So the casualty will still increase rapidly in the next few days.

Almost the whole China felt the shake this time.

I was working on the 25th floor in an office building in downtown Shanghai. At about 2:30pm that day, I suddenly felt very dizzy, so did all my colleagues. Minutes later, we realized that it was actually the building shaking. 

When I got downstaris, lots of people were already in the lobby and all looked very confused. Because outside, the city looked perfectly normal and the security guys working at the lobby said they felt nothing. But we went out of the building anyway. Later on, the main roads were alomost blocked by thousands of people running down from the surrounding office buildings.  We walked aimlessly for 10 mintues and then got the news that a 7.8 earthquake happened in central China. Like lots of the others, I immediately tried to connect my friends living in that area. But the network was totally collapsed and no one got any news from their friends/families in the earthquake area for hours. 

Luckily, my friends are all fine. But so many people have died. I just heard a news that at one primary school, almost all  young kids were dead because they were all having classes......The tragic images on TV & newspapers keep on getting us.

So, if you are in China, please join the donations on money, necessities or blood. IIf you are not, please pray for them. Thank you!