My 3rd wisdom tooth is forever gone yesterday, with one dentist, two nurses, one dentist hammer and my tears & blood.

They are the most useless teeth ever, but people call them wisdom.
So, this wisdom gives you a lot of pain when it’s growing; this wisdom is easy to decay if it grows to the wrong direction; this wisdom hides behind the useful ones to conceal its worthlessness; this wisdom either stays being senseless or gives you a lot of pain; this wisdom is the most difficult to get rid of when you are sick of it.
So, what kind of wisdom is this?  
I decided to abandon it and what I get now is the ugly swollen face & neck, and being so hungry for eating only liquid food for 35 hours.
But who cares! I will get my last bit of wisdom out of me as soon as possible. Maybe when there are only stupid teeth left, I can figure out what kind of wisdom is that.