I have been back from the trip for about a month,and it's time to have a bit of collection on the FAQs I have received from my family members, friends, colleagues and acquaintances, etc. Here we go:

The following 3 questions normally pop out at the very first beginning:

1. Ah you are back!! Did you enjoy the trip? Yes, very much! I love .........(bla bla bla)

2. Did you meet some interesting people? Yes, of course.

3. Any photos to share with us? Yes, but I am still working on them. There are a lot....you know....

And then:

4. Where did you visit and where do you like best? I really like Aix-en-Provence, Nice & Paris

5. Nice? Ah, there is a lake with a monster there!!!   (Silent for 5 seconds) Er....that's Ness and it's in Scotland. Nice is a city in south of France, near Cannes...(silent for another 5 seconds)

The Chinse translations for Nice & Loch Ness are the same, sorry Tristan, sorry Renaud

6. You went traveling alone? No, my French friend invited me

7. Oh? Male or female? Male

8. Boyfriend? No.....  Just a friend?  Yes.......  

   (some continue) Why not? How long have you met? How did you meet each other? He is in Shanghai?...........

FAQ only from girls:

9. You are much tanned! Didn't you use any cream or make-up? Nope, as usual

10.You get fatter? Seems not. 3 kilos in 20 days. Don't look at the face, look at the body.