I signed up with Ipernity on a whim, never thinking that it would be any more than a place of "escape," where I would be free to camp and cruise and be silly with an esoteric circle of friends.

For five years, since 2009, I have maintained a very public, and "serious" photographic repository at Flickr, an eclectic dropbox of miscellany.

Unfortunately, the "themes" of the two sites, as originally envisioned, are not compatible. Their respective intended audiences would, at best, find the other's content boring, if not downright objectionable. The last thing I want to do is alienate anyone, much less offend them!

So, Flickr's sudden corporate dementia creates a dilemma. Which will it be? Is my Ipernity "home" large and flexible enough to house both Dr. Jekyl AND Miss Hyde under the same roof? My initial thought was to create a second Ipernity account, however, I now see that would violate their TOS, which I am loathe to do.

This shall require some serious thought and planning. Please bear with me, dear new friends, while I sort it all out.