It has come to my attention that I am rather addicted to altering my photos from their original form. I rather like tone mapping them, adjusting colors either up or down and doing hdr images or simply tone mapping a single image, (true it's kind of addicting.) Few of my photos are left just in their natural state. One of the things I like about doing hdr and tonemapping is being able to achieve a more illustrative quality to my photographs, in a few an amost otherworldy surreal effect. I guess this is part of my art training and in doing illustrations, drawings and paintings (speaking of which I really need to get some new photographs made of a few things.) I have black and white film in the Pentax, and of course I can set for taking B&W in both my digital cams, considering trying out some B&W photography to kind of "kick the habit," (even though, knowing me I'll probably just tone map those too lol.)

In any event I was wondering what programs everyone uses. Most of my processing I do in Photomatix (which can be found here: Any pre/post processing is either done in a paint program called Paint Shop Pro or Adobe Photoshop. What do you use? Any favorites?