Buggy things going on with Ipernity today. I can't add things to groups and some of my comments and favs are not sticking. Also some issues with adding things to and creating albums. As the Ipernity team had posted on their Facebook page it's due to the massive influx of people importing their photos from Flickr. I find these bugs annoying to some degree but I have to admit I am delighted that they are getting so much business now. I like this place a lot actually. I'm sure the issues will clear up when their servers have a chance to catch up.

I continue to monitor things over at Flickr (it's a disastr.) I often avoid webpages that have the layout that "ickr" now has with the endlessly loading images. It's so hard to do searches or even look at photographs. Once you click on a photo to see it larger and then hit back, the entire page has to reload from where you left off and this takes more time sometimes than it's worth. It's annoying to say the least. I also discovered last night that it is indeed a matter of "right click" and then save as and you can download the original quality image on anyones photostream. So much for All Rights Reserved. This makes me even more glad that I fled that place on Tuesday of last week and came here. In any event I am back taking photographs and enjoying it once again after last Mondays shock.