Australia is now in the midst of a federal election, a most extraordinary elction it is too, the likes of which we have never seen before.

The Conservatives (LNP or Liberal National Party) are in opposition. The Solialist (Labor Party) have been in power for 6 years.
For just over 10 years we had a Conservative government that mostly was very effective. Then people get restless and think they need a change.

So everyone else in the country voted them out and installed Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister, who decided that we needed to hand out more money because it was no use sitting in the governments bank account. He also decided we were a bit harsh on foreigners who decided they would prefer to live in this country because the government handed out so much money to some segments of the community.

Not quite 3 years later, the Labor party decided they didn't like Kevin Rudd anymore, so in an overnight coup, knifed him in the back and installed a Welsh born redhead female as Prime Minister. (Yes here - we elect the party, but the party elects the leader of the country)

But unfortunately the redhead was a dud deal and suffered perhaps the lowest rating of any Australian PM, tormented constantly by Kevin Rudd snapping at her heels, as the back wound didn't want to heal.

She took an unprecedented decision of announcing the date of the federal election, which had to be done before the end of 2013, on January 30 this year, for September 14, while most Australian citizens audibly groaned, and counted how many sleeps that was, as typically elections here are finally annouced with about 4-6 weeks notice following a few weeks of guessing when.

As the months passed, and the Labor Party headed for certain defeat by a landslide LNP vistory, even a couple of Labor politicians cleared out their desks 2 months before the date. Suddenly on the 26th June, Kevin Rudds knife wounds responded to a miracle cure, as he rose from the ashes of his still smouldering back bench in the parliament, and surrounded by enough honourable minsiters, each brandishing a chainsaw, cut through the leadership to declare triumphantly that he was now back at the helm, while within hours and over the next couple of days, in a mass suicide attempt unprecedented in Australian politics, as about 8 senior government ministers fell on their sword and resigned or retored.

With PM Rudd now reinstated, and quickly, very quickly making changes (almost like he had had it planned for some time), Labor popularity rose, and it was a releived electorate that heard his announcement on August 4th that we will be exercising our people power on September 7th, Aaaah that is the Australian way - a 4 week election timetable. 4 weeks of promises and baby kissing and advertising and driving us crazy.

How the Americans put up with 12 months of it is staggering. Anyway, just to show that there are still many things we have in common with the US, I want you to watch this 6 min video clip by Jon Stewart who covers the bases nicely with his explanations.

I just want to tell you that I found this very embarrasing, and I would like to think that this misrepresents my adopted country, but unfortunately it probably isn't so.

I can guarantee you that every news clip in this video is true and was on our TV news in the last 2 weeks.


PSThe first link was pulled on youtube so I have updated the link.