Well after my previous article trumpeting that I had solved the iPad Safari crashing problem by rebuilding it, the problem has resurfaced. It must be definitely software related, but who knows what.
I think it is time to upgrade to the new model after the next release which should be within 2 months.

Questions on Ipernity that some of you may be able to answer.

I miss seeing the age of a comment. I found it useful on many occasions.

A feature I like in Flickr is being able to select the contacts photos and being able to step through them like a slideshow. Ipernity gives me a starting page of contacts, but when I go to comment, I lose the abilty to step through other peoples. Am I missing something?

I have started putting a link to another photo as a note on the main image, which is handier than first comment which is also restricted to 500x500 BTW. Unfortunately the note frame is not visible unless you hover on the image. I wonder how useful that will be for my contacts.

My companies proxy server blocke images from Ipernity, which takes the fun factor out, so I am constrained in that area. I can use my smart phone, but the mobile webpage isn't so user friendly. As a member of the IT group at work, we are looking at installing a separate "backdoor" internet link, so that might get around the issue. Assigning priority to doing it is a problem though as we are very busy, which should also solve it because I shouldn't hae time to look at Ipenity :-)

Have a good day, my friends.