I have an old iPad running ver5 IOS.
As I am on holidays and sans laptop, the iPad is getting a hiding. Back home, I had absolutely no issue with use.

The problem was I couldn't get to your home page. I am having major Flickr problems with my old iPad.
I have tried 3 browsers with mixed and disastrous results. Basically with the default iPad browser, Safaris, if I open a page with all images, ie mine or yours, in order to go,to say your profile page, just as the links to your profile activate all the loaded images cause the browser to crash.
If I go to a page with a single photo, it is fine, such as moving through a group page or between single images in your stream.

If I use other browsers, Chrome crashes too and also takes away some functionality, like missing links.

If I use Opera, it doesn't crash woohoo, but has all sorts of,other quirky missing functionality. Grrrrrr.

A friend of mine yesterday that she has an old iPad, and it works fine so I am assuming mine might have a memory problem, just like me.