you can get a lot of different emotions by changing the angle of your picture, not only out of your dolls but out of the picture itself. pics will also become more dynamic. you can think of it like drawing with 3-point perspective.

as far as framing a pic goes, rather than shooting most or all of your pictures with one character on the left and one character on the right, with the camera situated directly in front and in the middle (example A), try to shake things up. shoot slightly from the side (example B) or a higher or lower angle (example C). having one or two pics in a photostory that are shot like example A is fine, but try to avoid them. shifting the camera even just a little can make your pics significantly more interesting.

Example A: Camera in the middle.

Example B: Camera to one side.

Example C: Camera at a higher angle.

your doll will also show some different emotions from different angles. since their facial features can't move, you can fake it by making their eyes look open or closed more, hiding some of the mouth... or just by using body language to convey more emotion (tilting the chin up or down, tilting the head to one side, etc). if your doll looks the same in every pic, you may as well replace them with a brick, because that's about the same level of emotion you're conveying.

plus, using different angles will make your photostory as a whole much more interesting because the pictures aren't all exactly the same. it's like a bowl of fruit for your eyes. engage your readers by providing them with a variety of visual stimulation.

force yourself to try a few new things and do some experimenting!

(in regards to the pose in the pic, i usually look pretty ridiculous while shooting photostories. i am typically wearing pants, though.)