i haven't transferred/added any non-doll pics yet, but i will be. i've been focusing on trying to get the body language pics and such situated (so many notes @_@ lol) but now that all that's done, i'll prolly start adding food pics and whatever. i'm not gonna add the past two years of my pics of andrew or anything, but i'll prolly add just a few of the nice ones from this year and then just add new ones from then on.

i've been working on adding the photostory tips as articles, which is great, but rather than just post them all at once i'll be spreading them out a day or two apart. as for all of my photostories, i'm not sure i'll be adding the whole archive here... i'm honestly not sure what we'll be doing with that at this point. you can still see them if you're a member of the flickr group, though (you have to be a member, sorry).

on the 2nd will start the 30-day countdown to my induction with our 2nd son, so just like last time i'll be taking a pic each day, mostly of probably uninteresting things. so you can look forward to that (or not, either way it's happening).

if you aren't into pics of kids or babies or cupcakes, then sorry but that is my life right now so there will be a lot more of that than doll pics.