plain and simple: if you're gonna be taking pictures, at least make it seem like you've cleaned your house sometime within the month. nobody's gonna say anything, but if your carpet is covered in clumps of fur that run the possibility of being mistaken for actual pets, then your audience isn't giving two shits about your story, dolls, or pictures. all they want to know is why you haven't vacuumed since ye olde caveman times.

cleaning is not exactly a fun thing to do, but if you're gonna be sharing pics with people, at least have the common decency to clean up your picture space. i'm not necessarily meaning clutter, but if there's only like two square inches of open space between all the food boxes that are for some reason not in your pantry, and your tabletop is covered in layers of dried food spilled on it... rather than squeezing your doll in between the empty(?) ice cream carton and the stale cheetos, please consider finding somewhere else to take your pics.

or, y'know, get a trash bag.

back when i was fresh in the hobby, there was this trend of people taking pics of their dolls in their underwear drawer. i dunno what that was about, but nobody wants to see that either.