photostories, while comprised solely of pictures and captions, are actually more cinematography than photography.

i find that when i approach a photostory as if i was filming a movie, the results have a lot more life to them. this concept applies itself to a variety of things, and i'll bring it up several times when writing these tips, but the most basic of which is the picture orientation.

vertical (or "portrait") photos really don't have their place in photostories. i've seen a couple of photostories that have used them and while they look nice, they don't have the proper feel to them. if you're making a gallery thread full of pretty pics, then vertical pics are just fine. but if you're telling a story, it's best to use horizontal (or "landscape").


think of it in terms of the media we commonly use to tell stories. books, movies, television... you read side-to-side, not top-to-bottom (obviously there are exceptions). with your caption, you're even going side-to-side. not only should your picture match your caption in shape and flow, but the reader should intuitively fall into the story and it's your job to guide them. by presenting your story in a story-like format, your reader will immediately fall into a comfortable place and subconsciously understand that they're about to get involved in some seat-gripping storytelling. by presenting your story in a vertical format, then it becomes more about the pictures and less about the story. the comments you receive will be more along the lines of "nice pics!" rather than "that was a great story!"

tl;dr, you don't have your TV flipped up on it's side.

in addition to this, DO NOT have a mixture of vertical and horizontal pics unless you want your reader to immediately be tossed off a moving train. by remaining consistent, your reader will pay more attention to your story and less attention to what the pictures look like.