i'm sorry there was no way for me to leave a message behind when i closed my original page. i really only did it because i needed a new account and i didn't want to open yet another email account to do it. i also needed a break to work on things... so i've got another page here and i'm using it as a portfolio page only. i started that with this page when i opened it but i decided i needed to use my own name for the URL. hence the THIRD page... for those of you who remember who i am at all. just me being wishy washy and not making up my mind. the last couple of months have been a bit crazy. my partner is now in another city working his DREAM job and we're sooo happy about that. unfortunately we have to be separated while i sell the house and the kids finish up the school year. thanks to those of you who 'missed' me and sent me messages on my other page. sorry you were unable to leave comments for so long. i didn't know you all cared so much! : )