Last week my test drive package of the new Philips SoniCare ultra-sonic toothbrush finally arrived from I wanted to get in to this test because I like these eletrical toothbrushes. We are using the all famous Braun Oral-B eletrical toothbrushed since ages and I was keen to get my hands onto this new stuff. The ultra-sonic movements of the brush head seems very practical too me and so I wanted to test this thing.

I got a complete starter package with the handle, charging station, various brush heads and a traveling case for all this stuff.

Handling is pretty easy as everything fits nicely and you don't have to worry about the direction you plug in the handle into the carger. The chargers also holds two of the brush heads as a rest. I saw that there are optional charge stations with ultra violet germ killing facilities for the brush heads. Very nice stuff.

The SoniCare has three modes of operation: normal, sensitive and clean &white. Normal is obvious, sensitive is a little softer movements for sensitive teeth and clean & white combines the normal cleaning mode with an extra stage for whitening the teeth.

All modes sport a special behaviour called "Quadpacer". This is where a short change in the vibration frequence indicates to move on to the next sector for clean. Your teeth are divided into 4 sectors: upper outside, upper inside, lower outside, lower inside. The Quadpacer mode keeps you cleaning every sector for 30 seconds. This is adds up to the minimum recommended cleaning time of 2 minutes. This is also a very nice feature for you to remember to brush every angle of your mouth. When the two minutes are over the brush automatically stops (you can turn it on again manually of course). In clean & white mode there are additionally 2 x 30 seconds for whitening the visible front teeth.

When I first tried the new brush I was a little suprised by the unusual vibrations. These are so fast that you can't tell the individual swings. Due to these ultra-sonic movements (30.000 moves/minute) the brush creates a water jet additionally to the brushing movements in your mouth. This will clean your teeth even more and makes sure to hit every hidden winkle in your mouth.

And I have to admit that the brush is doing a great job. Even after only a few applications my teeth feel cleaner than ever. I thought I already had a very good electrical toothbrush which cleans far better than I can do by hand. But the SoniCare is definitly the next step of electrical toothbrush evolution.

We (my wife and the kid) got used to the new brush very fast altough the vibrations are quite unusual in contrast to our former Oral-B model.

To my suprise the new toothbrush seem to be far better for my teethridge than the old one. No irritation or bleeding at all. Very nice.