IMG 4637 One thing I have found to be an issue with DSLRs is their size and weight, which seems to get worse as you progress through your photography career and you step up the lens ladder. This led to so many occasions when I simply did not have a camera with me when I needed one, that I began to look at other alternatives.

Although many high quality compacts have good image quality and ISO performance these days, what they tend to lack is an optical viewfinder which to me is essential. A couple of years ago Fuji released the x100 to offer this almost Range Finder solution to sit between the compact and DSLR market. The reviews of this were mixed prompting the swift release of the much improved x100s model. One of the issues with this camera to me though was it's fairly wide fixed lens, which did not suit all. The x10 on the other hand offered a zoom solution in a cheaper package. This despite the optical viewfinder, lacked any form of electronic overlay which was soon added to the new x20.

The x20 for me offers significant image quality in a light and durable casing which can easily be carried around in a bag without even noticing its weight. It's bright f2 lens and good ISO performance complete the package. Is this going to give you the image quality and depth of field of a full frame DSLR such as a 5d or a D800, definitely not. Is the focusing lightening fast, also no. However as long as this is accepted, this camera to me has a lot to offer in an affordable package.

A few of the shots I have taken recently with the x20 are shown in this album.