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  • Branching out into AV

    - 5 years ago
    I think one of many challanges that faces professional photographers these days is that stills, are often not enough. Part of the reason to me is that it is so easy now through iPhones and such like to record video of a high resolution if not technique, and clients also like to see a video, particularly in the wedding industry and this has led to many photographers branching out. Video on DSLR cameras was almost revolutionized by the iconic Canon 5d II which after a few firmware updates offe…

  • The Fuji x20 for travelling light.

    - August  4, 2013 - 3 comments
    IMG 4637
    One thing I have found to be an issue with DSLRs is their size and weight, which seems to get worse as you progress through your photography career and you step up the lens ladder. This led to so many occasions when I simply did not have a camera with me when I needed one, that I began to look at other alternatives. Although many high quality compacts have good image quality and ISO performance these days, what they tend to lack is an optical viewfinder which to me is essential. A couple of…