Is without a doubt myself. I always see the photo in my mind before I take it and don't think anything has every turned out like my vision. Over the years I have looked at some of my stuff and said "Yeah that's okay" I have framed one or two and hung them up but in general I am never really that happy with my own work. I can look at others work and be amazed but it is rare that I see that in my own. Maybe it is the time I spent doing graphic design that leads me to see the flaws instead of whats right.

I do think my stuff today os better that it was a few years ago but still consider myself a beginner. I like trying new things, new lenses, new techniques, new angles etc every time I go out. I think if I ever was completely satisfied with my photography I would probably lose interest and find another hobby.

Photography as a hobby while always there has grown as I have lost the ability to do other things, 5 years ago after a year long battle with a rare complication with a complication of Diabetes that would not heal even though I spen the entire year in a wheel chair i ened up having a surgery which fused my right foot. Taking away a great deal of my mobility. With it alot of the activities I enjoyed. I had to learn how to walk again and once I did I learned of my limitationsat first it was toiugh but getting out with a camera in hand helped.

Last year I had a close call with an illness and almost didn't make it, It was a long recovery and once again had to learn how to walk and get around all over again it took over 4 months but once I started getting around my first day out I had my camera in hand.

So while I may never be totally happy with the results, I am happy with actually taking the photos....