I never considered myself an artist. I caught the bug of photography as a kid on family vacations, My parents never really liked taking pictures so they always handed me the little kodak 126 and later the 110 and told me the pictures came out well. In school we at first we had film making in about 7th grade making little super 8mm films, then in High school we started working with video, portable cameras that weighed about 40 pounds with a huge tape deck strapped to our back. For years photography was a forgotten hobby. My first digital was a Casio with a whole half megapixel of resalution.

As time progressed and money allowed my equipment got better and my interest rekindled, I was the one that did weddings, graduations and other events for family and friends. So friend always asked what did I want to do with my photography. For me it was a hobby amoung a few others. Then about 5 years ago I had a problem with my foot, I spent a year in a wheel chair and ended up having a surgery that has left me without full movement in my right foot it also stopped me from doing a lot of the other things I enjoyed so photography became a way to get out and enjoy myself while still being able to take it easy on my foot.

To me I take my pictures for myself, what do I want others to think about my pictures? If someone sees a shot I took at the beach and feels they can smell the salt air, or one of my flower pictures and smell the sweet scent of a flower Ihave done my job well. My work will never end up in a gallery but if one of my winter scenes gives a viewer a chill or in any way shares the experience my photo tried to capture then that is more than I ever hoped I would accomplish.