A couple of months ago a friend who is a singer songwriter got a chance to open for an act that was coming to town we went to support him and enjoyed a great show. At forst I never heard of the person [reforming. His name was Ronny Cox. not a household name, then I looked him up and saw his picture and I knew who he was right away. He played the guitar during Dueling Banjos in Deliverence, his first big movie, He was in Beverly Hills Cops in told about 120 movies. www.ronnycox.com
He now also tours the US as a singer songwrietr and storyteller. Iyou get the opportunity to see him I highly reccomend it. www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNY4pleH-N8 What we found truely amazing was not only his talent but when we walked into the lobby of the small venue he was preforming at there he was a very recognizable man introducing himself to everyone that walked in and thanking us for coming to the show.

Here is a list of upcoming date if one of them is near you it will be a fun night night.