One of my favorite places to take photos is Assateague Island. It is a barrier island of the coast of the eastern United States. It is divided by a fence between Maryland and Virginia. It is home to many speciesof birds but is it famed for it's wild ponies. Each state has it own herd. The Virginia herd of Chintoteague Ponies is the more famous of the 2 having a series of book and a movie about them made back in the 60's. The ponies there are owed by the Local fire company and every year the round the ponies up and swim them from Assateague Island over the Chintoteague Island during a festival. ten in order to control the population and raise money they auction the 2 year olds ponies off.

I prefer the Maryland side of the island which is divided into a State park and a National park. The ponies roam freely and the control the population but using birth control darts on the female horses.

There are 2 theories how the horses got on the island the original and more romantic story was a spanish sailing ship wrecked off the coast, many did and they have found many wreaks and the ponies which were aboaord made heir way ashore and started the 2 herds of horses. The story most experts agree with is probaly the truth and alot less romantic is farmer would use the island to let their horses graze and to hide them from tax colectors and the horses got lose and thats how the ponies got there.

In the late 1940 and early 50's they tried t develop this island into a resort community but a storm destroyed all the home. There are still part of the original road the built and some part of a house foundation left at the bottom of a small pond but other than that the island was bought by the government and given back to the ponies and the people as a park.