Well, it's been awhile since I have used this but will continue to try. It's less complicated at times than from flickr. Have a new shooter with me now, a Olympus E3 with the 12-60MM SWD Zuiko lens and a 50-200MM Sigma lens. There both just wonderful and I love it. Lost my lens cap right away, go figure right, and picked a new one up today. On wednesday hoping to get it into a spiritualized show. That or get my leica m6 in. That ought to be fun. Last week we had the RNC at our doorstop and it was bizzare. Arrest and mass hysteria was the pint of the whole thing. Local businesses lost $ and the twin cities gained got a bruised eye. Luckily I was away from the mess shooting a concert festival for a friend that whole time and doing other things not involving the RNC. My sweetheart's birthday was Saturday and got her a wonderful new camera and a Roku. She absolutely loved the Roku, 99 bucks and Netflix instant access. Hell yeah, well have to clean the kitty dump bucket and feed the little sharks. Ciao!