Yup, going to Ikea and get some shelving for all the books and toys that i want to put out of there box. Then get some beer and go to Waynes World tonight if i can at all. Been slowly moving into my spot because of lack of shelves and things like that. Made a trip to ikea the other week and blew all my money and was pretty broke the whole week and a half. But got paid today nd things are okay. Wanna get either a new dining room table w/ chairs or a huge book shelf. hmmm will decide over breakfast. Funny that i am having breakfast right now and it's just like only 1:07PM. HA... Then i have to go downtown to go pick up my print film and leave some film for developement. i finally have space to learn how to it on my own but now have to get the right processes together and set everything up in my new sun room, which will have to be curtained off and made somewhat dark. Need to find all my cables for my scanner tostart scanning negs again and stuff. and then get my external hardrives in order to as well. get the work flow going and keep it going. serby will start gain and i will be flooded with mass packs of negs, slides and raw file to go thru. All for fun. Sometimes this hobby of mine gets over whelming. Heh, and then Halo 2 comes out like in a week... :)