Well, my luck officially ran out this week. My profile has been irrevocably set to "moderate" by the people at Flickr, thus making my page a shadow of what it was. The average web surfer can't find it as a link or view any of my images, vastly cutting down on the people I can reach. Its frustrating, but that's how it is. Ironically I gave Flickr high praise for helping support the "independent artist" in a local interview last week.

Ah well. Basically, it feels like a break-up where the other person won't give you a chance to talk to them about it. Do I move on, keep trying to get more information and work with what limitations they've given me, or sit back quietly and act like nothing has happened?

I was so used to having an audience who could give me immediate feedback and could create a dialog with me, and now I don't know who can see my work or how often.

This is no where near the worst thing that happened to me this week, and in comparison there is really nothing to complain about in this easy world of ours. Its an inconvenience and disappointing, but life will go on.

Thanks for reading the useless droning. Tata...