he said like she said when you moved here you moved me and you stood there by the water fountain rain pouring down your face and tears beyond the falls across the borderline you speak in glyphics of an indoeuropean tongue and you tell me of toys and full moons and i search the desert scapes for your blessings when you used to take my kodak picture. it is all confusion in my head you think but my love you see it is very clear to me and you outside the city limits. i weave through the ribbons and bows to find your crocheted flowers blossoming in this tired season. i understand now what you want to say as the water falls. we are made of the same materials, springs and mossy curls, dark eyes and brightly lit caves. they were iron fists that let go but tufts of strings brought to us by cream colored caterpillars, who tirelessly spin and dance through the endless nights, to reach each other's thoughts and hearts. they are togetherness, these words of mine. they are colors that exist in every lover's eyes. the divide exists not. speak easy and learn fast. love me like i love you. drenched. exhausted. full. forever the same when you unveil me.