we went to belgium yesterday to find the abandoned castle again. these were the animals we saw:

a racoon / un raton laveur "resting" on the side of the road :( 

deer / des cerfs

a frog / un grenouille (at the castle! my prince, again!! while i was eating petit prince cookies, though not in the bathtub this time ;)

a fox / un renard

rabbits / des lapins

a hedgehog / un herrisson all curled up in a ball on the road, but we didn't kill it !

a snail / un escargot posing as a supermodel

a bat / une chauve-souris flying round our heads out of the barn

a plastic snake / un serpent en plastique dangling from the ceiling posing as a gardening hose, though i know better !

a caterpillar / une chenille crossing the road

mosquitos / des moustiques drinking our blood

a kitten / un chaton

i took no pictures of any of them. by the time i encountered the frog, my battery had died, comme habitude, so i had to write it down instead. cause animals are our friends. what is your totem animal? i m torn between the frog, the hedgehog and the cat. happy monday !