there was this bird, a proud one though he was strange looking. he had not seen himself in the mirror perhaps or else he just didn't care. a lust for life kept him standing there. he wanted to partake. so he left his home in the tree where he had lived a hundred years. yes; he was an old bird though you couldn't tell.

he met a lion who told him to keep moving on. sunsets to be greeted and nighttimes to be welcomed in proper ceremony. but shouldn't i read a hundred books first, he asked the lion who looked rather literate and wise. it is not in books although you may find there the same quest taken by the heros and heroines of the world. some wrote them down so they wouldn't forget. but you have to go on this quest yourself. it is not one in this world though it was made for you.

the bird bent over the water then feeling a thirst growing in his throat. then he saw his reflection and he was content. slowly he lifted his beak, letting the water trickle down his throat. there was nothing to be done but wait. the truth from the stars shone in this pool each night. if he just remained here.

our bird has a heart now. scientist saw him and dissected him in another life. in this one he could feel how his heart filled, first with sorrow then with light. he did not know it was the scientists who placed these things in his heart cavern.