hannibal's lecture on crossing the alps. don't forget your elephants and for a snack eat your brain. or your neighbor's brain since yours is but a metaphorical one. ice capped mountains with nothingness below. spread your wings and count the pink ones and the purple ones and those with stripes and dots. it's a circus in the air. you write for the show of it.

hannibal's lecture on the future of the human race. smoke breathing chimneys and glowing eyes in the night. metropolitan robots making the machines perform their tricks for them. all around are the shrubs and sands of a lost wasteland. there is no other kind. tumbleweed and metal brains. eat your heart out this time cause even your age old marble teeth will have an impossible time with these.

hannibal's lecture on the traveling moon and the spider who tried to reach it in one infamous night. the moon cut in half by one of your sabers. habratschi came in his big balloon but he couldn't stop you on your mission. softly veiling your secrets and fears. it isn't the bright light of day that tries to always reveal all of you, burn you to all there is left of you is ashes and bones. the moon is gentle with you. she knows there must be room for secrets. she turns yellow in her complicity. sometimes even she wants to be carried.

hannibal's lecture on the golden moschee. in the palm of your land you hold a snow globe. eyes glistening in unbearable anticipation. up the hill and down the hill you cannot know what's around the bend. it is the word of the ancients echoing from its glass walls. they spread the words of god. hear them ringing like snowflakes losing their way inside the tunnels of your ear.