...pours, as the saying goes.

so what did i do after i wrote last night's blog about to go out on a girls' night in ? i drop my laptop on the floor. une catastrophe. the usb cable that connects my camera to the computer got stuck in the chair and made me lose my grip as i was carrying it back to my room. the battery fell out. so i pushed it back in, flipped it around, pressed the power button and.... nothing.

losing my grip.

i've been meaning to lose my computer, once i left it on the train but someone returned it. then the motherboard died last summer. and now? i don't know... i hope to recover the data on it, all my photos i have done since i moved to paris, i have not backed up on my external harddrive, yes yes, stupid me. maybe it is like a cat and has nine lives. or it is time for a new one.

but looking outside the sun is shining so brightly, i cannot frown. i'm a clown. :o)

make your own rhyme of it if you will...