i feel so much safer with those machine gun wearing soldiers underneath the eiffel tower.

so i finally went to see it up close. last time i did was in 1990. memorable day that. i remembered this picture we took with the pointy monument between my legs, haha. it's somewhere burried amongst my scattered things, in germany or in orleans or in oblivion. this time i came here at night and i don't recommend it alone. come with an escort, ladies. and don't use your camera like a tourist. there will be an indian guy with a ridiculously blinking miniature of the tower in your face. when you tell him what you think of it, he will pursue you even more to where you are getting really annoyed. and while you had been initially scoffing at those soldiers and had highly liberal thoughts on imaginary terrorist plots to keep the population in check, you now are grateful when they escort you from the premises. still, the indian guy with the blinking dick in his hand wants to come home with you. with the help from a homeless drunk who'd like to show you the way but not share his cheap bottle of poison. thankfully neither of them can afford the train ticket and you arrive safely on platform three.

i think i'll stay away from the eiffel tower for another decade. unless i come with you.