call me stupid (i dare you!) but i cannot find my own favorites. since things changed here, i've been confused. don't get me wrong, i love change, but i am like a headless chicken for a while until i readjust. so where can i view my own favorites? and other people's favorites? when someone faves a pic of mine i want to see what else they like... puts things in perspective and lets me get to know you. why else have that fave button?

also, i don't like that once a bit of time passes we don't know if someone has commented back on one of our comments unless we click on their picture again. and then we seem obsessed with this picture though we may not even like it that much and so we have to make ourselves anonymous so we don't seem like stalkers. actually i have never made myself invisible. something so harry-potter about this. so if i look at your picture ten times, don't worry, i am not gonna come knocking on your door... though that depends... ahaha.