i m wearing his shirt again, i don't care if he wants me, i don't care if he loves me. i just like the way i feel inside his skin. feel good they said. i do. i listen.

it's blue. watch the skyline.

now he knows where my poetry comes from. and he is frightened. like me. pull the gas mask over my face. shut my eyes with penny drops. the night of the dead is fast approaching.

i grew flowers for you. but they were not enough.

he mustn't worry. it is neither he nor the golden gate. the buttons we pushed on the way. it is the punishment i bestowe upon myself for leaving. you and another.

will he ever know me as the angel i once was becoming? before i touched him and lay the world to ruins?

desert sands in my eyes. on the back of the truck we are still driving laughing. tires blowing out and stranding us. skiing gulliver our guide. pointing to the stars. please let me go.

i must say goodbye. you were my brother and it is blood flowing between our veins. maybe we shall meet again.

for now. goodbye. i loved you.