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Not sure if anyone is going to read this but I don't care LOL

So basically me and my sister have been doing photography since we were kids (remember those disposable cameras that were supposed to be cheap but the film was still expensive anyway? Well yeah, we tried those...). Our subjects were mostly animals (our pets or curiosities found in the wild) and our collection of Kinder toys, plushies and Barbie dolls (of course!).

As teens we found these Gothic dolls, the BeGoths made by Bleeding Edge, in a comic book store and we fell in love with their clothes, make-up, cool details and strong personalities.
So we stopped buying Barbie dolls for a while and got into collecting those instead.

Bleeding Edge used to have a forum where you could post photos of your BeGoths (and there's the reason why we opened a Flickr account, to have a place hosting our work :-)

Our first upload was a photo of one of my personal favourite BeGoths, Hypnotica Gaze, riding a toy motorbike. The background is actually a framed photo of a Cadillac that's been hanging in the bedroom since forever!

We didn't give Flickr too much thought until we showed some of our photos (in our little Canon point and shoot) to some of our friends. One happened to like photography (and dark Gothicy stuff too apparently lol) and told us he would like to see more pictures :-)

Our friend liked close-ups especially. I have to admit that our little point and shoot camera did take wonderful Macro shots! Boy did we have fun with that feature and miniature stuff :-)

So we messed around and took picts of the Gothic girls with different things...

California Roll Sushi (made by yours truly!) :-P

Remember the comic book store I mentioned earlier? Well we were lucky enough to find these wonderful Corpse Bride dolls made by Jun Planning (they made Pullips too!).

Those photos are a little dark (and grainy? Too much ISO maybe...). Got to take new ones with our DSLR this time, oh well there's always something to do but one sometimes just likes to...

Chill out hehe ;-P

This photo was taken with the Canon Digital IXUS 85 IS:

And this one with the Canon EOS REBEL T3i:

Which goes to show that to get nice photos one just needs good lightning and some basic knowledge about cameras (like you should know about ISO! It's the main reason why your photos look grainy at times. Try to manually set your camera's ISO to the lowest number and see what happens). Of course, a tripod is always handy and it will make your pictures look clear (and not blurry with unwanted movement).
And no, it's not all about how many Megapixels you camera has XD

OK where were we...
Ah yeah, doll collecting ^__^

So after BeGoths dolls went out of production we stopped collecting for a while and then we fell in love with Mattel's new playline of dolls, Monster High!

Here the ghouls are celebrating the funniest holiday of the year!!! Halloween!!!

Unsurprisingly we weren't the only ones who went gaga over these
little monsters (<< lots of other people did (adult doll collectors, children doll collectors, photographers, etc).

So with the support and courage of our wonderful Flickr contacts and friends we kept making up pictures to upload on our photostream :-)

Oh and we have two Pullips too ^__^

Ryuko (that's dragon girl in Japanese!)

And Lolita (yep like the novel hehe).

Gonna end this post with a picture of a small part of our dolly family ^__^

Let's all keep our dolly collections growing and our photography improving ;-)

Bye for now,