The Princess And The Writer

Claire McNally

Nov 2012.

It's been almost a whole year since I was invited to cover Burberry's Valentine's Day groundbreaking campaign which brought together fashion world's darling Renée Huntington and talented - if a bit dandy - writer Seán Mac Diarmuid.

"It seemed only natural to both of us that I should come to you, Claire.", told me a very happy Renée this morning. "Because you were there when it all started!"

Renée is referring to the moment when these two star-crossed lovers first met. "Thanks to a Valentine's Day campaign I met the love of my life!". Though she's only sixteen, and Mac Diarmuid is almost thirty, apparently love did spark between them, in spite of his insistence to say she was a "child". Apparently, all his vehemence from the first interview was short-lived. Or maybe, it was no more than a façade. Given Mac Diarmuid's recluse behaviour, who's to know what goes on in his head, except his young lovebird, right? Fact is: they were seen hanging out together in their hometown a couple of times, and even though Seán kept firmly denying any rumours, Renée was giving us all clues through her Twitter posts. And here we are now.

What matters is that love bound them together, like it often binds opposites, and though the dark and soturn Seán abstained himself from the interview, his teenage glamorous sweetheart didn't hesitate to shed some light on his views of the world, and of their love.

"So, Renée, darling... How long have you and Seán been together?"

"We've been together for six months now! We met a couple of times as friends after the shooting, and then things started changing so fast for both of us! I still can't believe we're together all this time!"

"And why did you keep your relationship a secret for so long?"

"Because of our age difference, and the bad repercussion it might have especially on Seán's work. I also wanted to introduce him to my parents first, and make sure they would approve of us. Besides, Seán's very discreet, and wanted to keep us both safe."

"And why did you decide to make your relationship public now?"

"Because we're both being victims of harassment. Especially Seán. Besides, my parents approved of us, so we decided it was time to share our love with the whole world! We're not doing anything wrong! We just love each other!"

"Oh, that's just lovely! But tell me: how do you conciliate dating with your busy lives?"

"Well... I closed a bit of my agenda lately, not only because of Seán... I miss him so much, of course, and he misses me. But we both understand that we can't be together all the time even if we wanted to... So, I did it for him, but also because it's time for the final exams at school, and I gotta be there. We're also making plans for our future. We want to spend as much time together as we can without compromising our careers. For now, we're only enjoying each other's company. But he being the serious lad he is, I guess I won't have to wait too long for a ring!"

"Why, that's gonna be quite a wedding! But tell me: you're the most coveted face in the fashion scene. And Seán, after that gorgeous Burberry photoshoot, is now considered one of the most attractive men alive. That being said, how do you both deal with jealousy?"

"(laughs) Well... I'm so much more jealous than Seán! I confess! But that's because there's always so many more women trying to hit on him than men trying to hit on me! I'm fully aware that I'm envied by so many girls out there! Seán is a wonderful man, and any woman would be so happy to be loved by him! I'm so grateful he chose me to give his heart to!"

"And why is he not here?"

"Oh, you know him! He's very discreet. And he's not really fond of interviews, especially personal interviews! We agreed to make our relationship public, but I feel much more comfortable to come here and talk about it than he does. And I respect that. My profession demands much more exposure to public than his, so I'm used to it, and he isn't. And he respects it and supports me as much as I support him."

"So... When is the wedding?"

"Oh, soon, I suppose! He didn't propose yet, but it's only a matter of time!"

"Well, congratulations, my darling! I'm so happy for you!"

"Thank you so much, Claire! We're so happy too!"

All in all, Renée seemed quiet and more mature than last we met. Is this the Mac Diarmuid effect on her, I wonder? I hear their relationship is already making quite a buzz on the social networks! I can't wait to see what this beautiful - if odd - couple will come up with next!

Claire McNally.