Dan: "Nice tartan drapers..."
Dee: "My dad's idea. He misses Ireland..."
Dan:"Why doesn't he go there, then?"
Dee:"NEVER ask that question. Not to him anyway..."
Dan:"Ah... Anything else I should not ask, love?"
Dee:"Just let me do the talking, speak when you're spoken to, and you'll make out of here in one piece. Whatever he asks about you, never lie, never hesitate..."
Dan:"And there I was the other day, joking about military briefings... Is it your father or the devil we came here to meet, Pepper?"
Dee:"You're about to find out where all my pepper came from, baby..."
Dan:"You deliberately avoided my question, I suppose..."
Dee:"He's been known as the devil back in his day..."
Dan:"Ah..." He pales a little.
Dee:"But that's from another lifetime, so, really, don't talk about it."
Dan:"Ah... I'll do so, then..."
Dee:"Dan, your dog tag...?"
Dee:"Which side was your great-grandfather on in 1916?"
Dan:"I believe your father will consider it the right side, love..."
Dee:"Oh, well, I hope so. Here they come, I guess!"
Dan:"What about your ma?"
Dee:"She'll love you like I do."
Dan:"There's nothing to fear then. She'll keep me safe."
Dee:"Oh, if he invites you to go to the basement with him, make up an excuse."
Dan:"Do we need a safe word or something?"