Dee (Still chewing on a bite of Pão de Queijo): “And then... nom... The bitch FIRED me, mainha. Fired me!!”
Candinha: “Opaió! Fired you??? Just because he chose you over her?”
Dee:” Easy choice... nom nom... If you ask me.”
Candinha:” Of course it is! My little girl is better than any quenga!”
Dee:” Problem is: I used to work for the quenga, mainha, and she not only fired me but used all her influence to kill my very short career...I lost count of all the job interviews I've been to since, just to be waved off like a fly... Aidan keeps telling me something better is gonna come up, but so far...”
Candinha: “Did you tell him why she fired you?”
Dee: “Not yet... He'd be furious and he'd probably do something stupid like arguing with her. She's still his teacher at college, and I don't want her to harm him.”
Candinha: “Were they still together when you...”
Dee: “They've never even really had anything, mainha.”
Candinha: “Oxente! Never, é?”
Dee: “Pois é. Never.”
Candinha: “Vixe maria, but what about that kiss you told me about, hein?”
Dee: “She realized Aidan had an eye on me, and started telling me they had an affair, and then one day she just kissed him in front of me... And you know me...”
Candinha: “You went off like a rocket.”
Dee (slaps her own forehead and speaks with a mocking child's voice): “Gandaaaalf!!! Fiiiirewooorks!!! Yep! I blew up.”

Candinha: “Always a hot head like your father...” She smiles fondly at her daughter
Dee: “Where the hell is he, mainha?”
Candinha: “Oxe, don't you know your father? He had to travel to Rio to solve some issues with our food suppliers. There's always something needing to be fixed, and he's always the only one who's able to fix it...Or so he believes...”
Dee: “You're pissed.”
Candinha: “You bet I am, and when he comes back his acarajé will be full of pepper!”
Dee: “Oxe, mainha...” They stare at each other for two seconds before they start laughing.
Candinha: “But tell me about your nêgo. Is he all that?”
Dee: “Ah, mainha... All that and so much more!” She blushes a bit and laughs a silly laugh that speaks volumes. Candinha gets a bit misty eyed and laughs too.
Candinha: “Is that so? Tell mainha...”
Dee: “I told you already... He told me they never had anything going on... He chased me around even when I pepper sprayed him in the face...”
Candinha: “Oxente, menina! Amaluqueceu, foi?”
Dee: “I thought he was stalking me... That's the standard procedure for stalkers...”
Candinha: “According to your father, I presume...”
Dee: “Who else? He wrote me a guidebook, remember?”
They both laugh
Candinha: “And then, what happened?”
Dee: “He had safety goggles in his pocket the day after.”
Candinha: “Olhe só... Cabra esperto!”
Dee: “Isn't he? Aidan is the smartest ass I've ever met... Well, he earned Rosa's trust, and Isolde's too, and they started allowing him in our flat and badgering me to listen to him... Miriam was badgering me too, from Tokyo. Even Owen, my tenant and neighbour, was allowing him in the building to stop him from singing under my window at night... No, mom, he wasn't drunk... He was stone cold sober... And dad was investigating his family's whole past from the sixteenth century or so 'till nowadays if I know him...”
Candinha: “You know your painho...”
Dee:”And he found nothing...'Cuz if he had, he'd be here to send Aidan away from the door himself, report in hand and all...”
Candinha: “You do know him...”
Dee: “And Aidan sang to me, and told me how much he loves me so many times that I wanted to bang his head on a wall... And he gave me Pipo...”
Candinha: “And you finally listened to your heart instead of your head and your father speaking inside it...”
Dee: “Don't give me that I'm-your-mom look, mainha... I've already told you all my thoughts on all of this...”
Candinha: “So you brought the man here, but you're still telling him you don't want to marry him?”
Dee (Breaks into a speaking frenzy): “How can I? I lost my job, I don't know if I'll be able to get a new one anytime soon... Rosa is paying my bills for three months, if I move in with him, he'll be paying my bills and that's not right, and that bitch will tell everyone I'm living at his expense!! I won't have it!” She slams the table and grabs another pão de queijo, and sticks it into her mouth. “People already say I'm dating him because he's got money, and I won't have them saying I married him for money, mainha! He's from a different world, you should see his mom! She looks my age! She's kind of a miss perfection, and she won't have it, she won't have her son marrying a nobody who can't even pay her own bills, and...” She breaks into a sob.
Candinha: “Oxente... Venha cá com mainha, venha...” She wraps Dee in a tight embrace over the chair. “Mainha won't let anyone harm you...”

Candinha: “Marriage is about love and nothing more, minha cocadinha. When I met your father I had nothing left. The military had taken everything from me but my dignity. No one can take that from you. Do you think I cared a bit what people said when I abandoned the resistance for him? I had you in my plans, and so did he.”
Dee: “And he had already lost too much...”
Candinha: “Your father didn't want to take chances, and I couldn't lose him... And here we are. We founded the community, then we opened the hotel when the military left the government, and I own a cooking school now.” She gives her daughter a loving smile. “And it wasn't your father's money that gave me what I own. It was his and my own effort. Let people say what they will, cocadinha.
Dee: “They say wisdom comes with age, Dona Cândida.”
Candinha: “I'm your mother and I can still give your butt a slap or two, visse?” They both laugh for a while.
Candinha: “And where's Aidan?”
Dee: “Still in bed, I guess. It takes a bucket or two of coffee to bring him back to the world of the living... But he'll be here soon. I told him I'd take him around town today, and he was really looking forward to it.”
Candinha: “He seems to like simple things and a simple life a lot for a rich gringo...”
Dee: “He does. That's what I love about him. He's a simple man. Money didn't blind him for what's best in life. Some peace and quiet, and simplicity... I missed home... I feel caged in Ireland sometimes...” She sighs.
Candinha: “Your father would have a thing or two to say about that, no doubt.” She kisses Dee in the head.
Dee:”I wonder what he'll have to say about marriage and Aidan...”
Candinha: “Did I tell you the last thing you father did before leaving for Rio?”
Dee:”Nope. Do I really wanna know? Should I smuggle Aidan back to Ireland before he comes back?
Candinha: “He told me he needed to cool off... And he got his best champagne bottle from the cove.”
Dee: “He what????” Her hands fall with a thud on the table and on her own lap. She stares at her mom in disbelief.

Candinha: “Why is it so hard t believe? Your father knows you as well as I do. You never brought any of your many dates here. We both know you live by your own rules, as we taught you... And that you'd never show this piece of your heart to someone who's not in your life to stay... “
Dee: “Ai, mainha...”
Candinha: “Num carece dizer nada não, cocadinha...”
Aidan (walks in dragging his feet and with his eyes half closed): “Morning, love. Morning, ma'am.”
Dee: “Hey, Garfield!” Squeezes his hand lovingly. He bends over and kisses her.

Candinha: “Oh there he is! Good morning, bichinho! Come here, me dê um cheiro!”
Aidan goes over to her, laughing, and hugs her.
Dee: “So... Ready to know Paraty?”
Aidan (Yawning): “Aaaaaaaaaaaaye... Sorry. Aye. In a minute...” He rubs his eyes.
Dee: “As soon as you've had...”
Both: “Coffee.”
Candinha: “É pra já, bichinho! Sente aí que vou lhe servir!” She turns to the food counter.
Aidan: “Ah... No, let me... You don't need to do that...”
Candinha: “Who said anything about needing? Sit down and enjoy your breakfast...”
Aidan: “You're a sweetheart, Dona Cândida.”
Candinha: “Òpaió... Dona não, bichinho, que você é da família. É Candinha, visse?”
Aidan (blushes a deep red): “All right then, Candinha.”
Dee:”I told you she'd love you like I do...”
Aidan: “I'm glad you both do...”
Fiach: “What the bloody hell is this amadán doing sitting at my table?”
Aidan jumps up, completely awake
Dee (mutters): “And I thought only sex and coffee woke you up...”
Fiach: “Apparently, fear also does the job rather well.”
Dee: “Keeping your ears sharp, daddy?”
Fiach: “We're getting off the subject.”
Aidan (reaches out his hand.): Hello sir. I'm Aid...”

Fiach: “I know bloody well who ye are.”
Aidan: “I figured you would, sir. It's a pleasure to finally meet you.”
Fiach: “Can't say the same.” Moves over to hug his wife.
Dee: “Cut it out, Dad. I already know you got your best bottle out for us, so drop the act!”
Aidan: “Eh???? But you said he was going to skin me arse for coming here...”
Fiach: “Who told you that, lass?”
Dee: “I've got my sources...” Wriggles eyebrows to her mom. And says to Aidan: “That's what I thought he would do... But apparently the old lion has gone soft...”
Fiach: “I can still dispatch him back where he came from to the sound of “Rains Of Castamere”, lass.”
Dee (scoffs): “But you won't. And I love you for that.'
Aidan blinks, completely lost.
Candinha: “I told her, Fiach, and I don't care if you don't like it. Ora, onde já se viu, destratar um menino tão bonzinho! Where are your manners, meu nêgo?
Fiach: “He doesn't deserve anything until he proves me wrong...”
Candinha: “Ora pare de bestagem, homem!”
Aidan: “I've no idea what she said, but she sounds really angry...”
Fiach: “Candy, being polite doesn't make him a good lad...”
Candinha: “Don't call me Candy! I'm not sweet you can chew on! And I'm a good judge of character, Fiach O'Connor, and as much a fighter as you were! I learned to measure a man the same way you did! Ora! And it's Maria Cândida Dos Santos to you, if you don't stop acting like an ass right now!”
Dee: “I told you you'd find out where all my pepper came from...”
Aidan: “From her...”
Dee: “It's elementary, my dear Watson...” She crosses her arms, leaning on the counter next to her parents.

Aidan: “I thought it was from him...”
Dee: “Everybody does... But, no...”
Fiach: “Hey!”
Candinha: “Come é que é? How's it going to be now? Will you behave?”
Fiach: “I'd like a moment alone with the lad.”
Dee: “I don't think so...”
Aidan: “T'is all right, love...”
Fiach (Looks apologetically at Candinha): “I'll behave. I promise.”
Dee: “No truth serum?”
Fiach: “No truth serum...”
Aidan: “ I have nothing to hide... T'is all right if you want to use it, sir.”
Fiach: “I don't need dope to make a bird sing me a tune or two...”
Aidan: “I'm no bird, sir.”
Fiach: “Ye are what I say ye are and no more.”
That remark earns him a slap in the belly from Candinha. Aidan stiffles a laugh as best he can.
Fiach: “Our Deirdre's getting married to that one! How am I supposed to have fun if I can't even torture him a wee bit?”
Aidan (To Dee): “You didn't even say yes yet...”
Fiach: “So ye won't marry her, then?”
Aidan: “Of course I will! I lost count how many times I asked her...”
Fiach ponders in silence a while. “A word or two with ye, Mac Diarmuid. Lasses, please...”
Candinha: “You promised...” Slaps him hard in the butt and takes her daughter by the hand.
Dee blows Aidan a kiss as they leave. Both men move to the lounge, since there are guests coming down for breakfast.

Fiach: “Dee told ye about me.”
Aidan: “Aye.”
Fiach: “And still, ye didn't run.”
Aidan: “No.”
Fiach: “How much did she tell ye?”
Aidan: “Enough...”
Fiach: “Enought to what?”
Aidan: “For me to be sure ye deserve every bit of yer reputation...”
Fiach lets out a roar of laughter.
Fiach: “And she brought ye here because ye're crazy enough to want to meet me.”
Aidan: “I wanted to meet the family of the woman I want to marry.”
Fiach: “So t'is about marriage then?”
Aidan: “T'is about love.”
Fiach: “Then let me tell ye lad, I don't care if ye marry her or not. I've been listening to Led Zeppelin and talking practicing free love before you were born. So did her mother here in Brazil. And that's how we taught Deirdre. And if she learned half as well as I know she did, she sees marriage as paper cage. So, you see, marriage might be a bit difficult to get from her...”
Aidan: “I'll wait as long as I have to. I don't want to marry her because it's the prim and proper thing to do. I want to marry her because she's my one. It took me five months just to prove her I love her. Probably, t'is gonna take more than that to marry her...”
Fiach: “Ages, like...” He laughs.
Aidan (smiles because he doesn't really care how long it takes) “So be it...”
Fiach: “Ye've got the best part already... Be careful with it...”
Aidan: “I am.”
Fiach: “Ye're too young to understand... I thought I was, once... But I've made a terribly wrong choice, lad... And it cost me more than I could bear to lose. Ye mentioned me reputation... Aye, t'is good enough to keep the past away... There are still those who'd want to harm me family. T'is me old days keep them far away... I delivered a couple o' red roses in the name of an Ireland I believed in... And t'was the worse thing I could've done... Cost me a wife and a baby I never even got to know... Cost me freedom and nightmares I still have...
Aidan: “I am really sorry...”
Fiach: “T'is a treasure ye've got in yer hands lad. Youth and freedom, honesty and the love of a good woman. Careful with the choices you make. They'll shape your treasure into the future. I was lucky enough to get a bigger treasure once I got here” He points to the door behind which the girls are listening to them. Aidan smiles. “Now, about marriage... You need a strategy.”
Aidan: “Are ye going to help me?”
Fiach: “Ye'd rather I make your life hell, then?”
Aidan: “No. Help is grand. I'll take it.”
Fiach: “Well then, what are your thoughts on the matter?”
Aidan: “I usually win her over by exhausting her, since I'm the patient one...”
Fiach: “Sounds like a solid start, but it might take years and years...”
Aidan nods.
Aidan: “What do ye suggest then?”
Fiach: “She's too bloody smart to be convinced it was her own idea...”
Aidan: “Nah, I tried that...”
Fiach: “Did ye now? How did that work for ye?”
Aidan: “It led to a fierce amazing night... After she bantered for half an hour about me trying to make her believe marriage was her idea...”
Fiach: “If she didn't love ye, she'd have bashed ye over the head with something heavy...”
Aidan: “Oh, I know...”
Fiach: “Ye can't racionalize her into it, because she simply doesn't believe it. She'll reason ye out of it if ye try.”
Aidan: “So I'll have to go in a different way...”
Fiach: “I'm all ears... And so's she, from behind the door...There are other ways to keep this conversation... I'll get ye a secure line, lad” He leans closer to Aidan. “Either way, go slow and show her what you feel... That might get ye there sooner than any plan...” Aidan smiles and he straightens up, lifting one hand.

Fiach: “But if she asks ye, I never said a word.”
Aidan: “Not a word, sir, aye.”

And here they are: The Slangs!

Mainha: mommy.

Opaió: It's a slang from the State of Bahia, which is an expression of astonishment. It can be used for a good thing or a bad thing and it means (here specifically) "that's absurd!!!"

Quenga: Whore

Oxente: Another expression of astonishment typical from Bahia. It means something like "Oh my!!!"

É? - Is it?

Pois é - That's it.

Vixe maria - Holy Mary...

- huh?

Oxe = Oxente

acarajé - A typical appetizer from Bahia. It's a spiced beans pastry that gets fried, and then opened and filled with a spiced shrimp filling. People from Bahia usually have it with so much pepper that even other Brazillians find it hard to handle (And that's how Candinha likes it.)... But you can choose the amount of pepper on it when you order it... Only Candinha is not gonna give her husband that option... ;)

nêgo - Your own man. The man you love.

Menina - Girl

Amaluqueceu, foi?
- Did you go crazy?

Olhe só
- Now, who'd say...

Cabra esperto
- smart ass

Painho - Daddy

pão de queijo - A typical snack from Minas Gerais. It's a bread that has cheese in the pastry and filling...

Venha cá com mainha, venha
- Come here to mommy...

minha - my

cocadinha - It's an endearment. Cocada is the name of a typial sweet made of coconut and condensed milk. Cocadinha is the diminutive of the name. It would mean something like "my sweet girl"

Dona - A way to adrress old ladies

Visse - you hear me???

gringo - foreigner

Num carece dizer nada não
- You don't need to say anything...

- An endearment. It means "pet"

Me dê um cheiro - Give me a hug

É pra já - right away

Sente aí que vou lhe servir
- Sit down and I'll serve you.

Dona não, bichinho, que você é da família. É Candinha, visse?
- Don't call me ma'am, puppy, you're part of the family! It's Candinha, ok?

amadán - irish slang: idiot.

Ora, onde já se viu, destratar um menino tão bonzinho! - Oh, that's so rude of you to treat such a nice lad like that!

Meu nêgo - My love.

Ora, pare de bestagem, homem! - Stop acting like a jerk!

Come é que é? - So...? Used when you expect someone to do something to correct a mistake.