Oscar: "Oh dear, look at all that sunlight! Not all the sun block in the world will keep me safe!"
Davin: "I'm all the sun block you need, love."
Oscar: "Aye, right, in yer arse ye are, darling..."
Dee: "I seem to recall you were anxious to get a tan, Oscar..."
Oscar: "Getting a tan, aye... Roasting to the bone in the fires of hell? That's another matter entirely!"
Aidan: "Babes, would ye cop on?! We're never getting there if ye keep bloody blarneying about this n' that all mornin'"
Oscar: "Sun block's an important matter my dear. This is Rio, after all..."
Deirdre: "Yeah, yeah, we're not in Kansas anymore, blah, blah, blah, now would the three of you listen?" Dee kisses Oscar in the cheek full of sympathy. "I'll take care of your peach skin. Enjoy your honeymoon, and don't worry about a thing!"
Davin: "I'll listen to whatever you want to say, bird..."
Aidan: "MY bird. And ye have yours right there..."
Dee: "Right. Whatever. This is important, so, pay attention..."
Aidan: "And ye both better enjoy the time you have here, aye?"
Davin: "Aye... Before he leaves me for Paris..."
Oscar: "Now, now love, 'tisn't leavin ye' at all... Ye're the one who decided we should be apart 'till I'm back..."
Aidan: "He'd marry you..."
Davin: "I'm yer cousin, Aidan, and 'tis his side ye're takin'?"
Oscar: "Why, 'tis true... I would... But ye'd rather hunt alone in Dublin 'till I'm back..."
Davin: "Ye both are obsessed with marriage of late... Seán would understand me..."
Aidan: "Don't be so sure about that... That web lass seems to hold him in thrall these days..."
Oscar: "Don't mock the poor thing... He's suffering! And he isn't here to defend himself..."
Deirdre: (muttering): "But it won't be for long..."
The 3 boys: "What?" And they start asking all kinds of questions.
Dee: "Hey! Hey y'all, I can't even hear my own thoughts! No, I don't know who she is, I don't know anything!"
Oscar: "But if ye don't know, what makes ye think it won't be long...?'
Davin: "Won't be long 'till what?"
Aidan: "D'ye think Seán's in trouble or something?"
Dee: "All right, listen up! We're not here to discuss Seán's private life! We're here to have fun at the beach! And I've some lifesaver guidelines for y'all before we make it to the car!"
Oscar:" Darling, why do you make it sound like it's a military briefing yer after doing, eh?"
Aidan: "Because it IS a military briefing, Oscar."
Dee:" That's right corporal. Now, shut your cakehole." Blows him a kiss. "Right, going to the beach in Rio. This is how you survive it. First: stick together! Second: If you wanna buy something, ask ME, or you'll pay four times the right price. Third: Girls will look and approach you...So you two make it clear you're a couple and no one will bother you. And YOU THERE..."
Aidan: "Aye?"
Dee: "You stick around me and move no further than five steps from our camp without my clearance."
Aidan: "Jealousy looks good on you, love."
Oscar: "Doesn't it indeed? She looks all pinky with it..."
Dee: "I'm not jealous. I'm precautious."
The 3 guys: "Aye, right..."
Dee: "And I'm definetely NOT Pinky!"
Aidan: "No. 'Tis tomato red ye are now..."
They all laugh.
Dee (manages to speak through the laughter): "Last, but not least, sunblock every 30 minutes, or you'll roast as good as Christmas turkeys. Got it?"
The 3 of them: "Aye, sir!"
Dee: "Good!" She gives the guys a smart-ass side glance. "Well, then, last to the car is a Galapagos turtle!"
Aidan:"Well, finally!"
And like a wild horde, they run to the car.