Singing together: "Tomorrow will take us away/ Far from home/ No one will ever know our names/ But the Bard's Song will remain// Tomorrow will take it away/ The fear of today, it will be goooooooone..."
Seán (Singing):"Due to our magic songs..." He stretches a little and turns back to the game (Speaking):"Aaah, there's nothing quite like having the bants with the shams now, is there?"
Will:"And that's the cráic, she said..."
All but Cian:"... With one leg up 'n' the dash and nothin' on but the radio!"
And amidst wild fits of laughter, Cian presses the buttons of his Wii Remote as if his life depended on it.

Cian:"Go on, go on, go on, c'mon Gandalf, you can do it, ye're the bloody white wizard now..."
Davin:"C'mon Cian, be a good brother now, and bloody pass me the remote, will ye?"
Oscar:"Ye shouldn't have bet that Cian would lose, love..."
Cian (eyes fixed on the game):"I never lose."
Aidan:"A modest man, the wee cousin..."
Will:"Aye, he's full o' himself now that Nintendo wants him as a pro game tester all right... That'll change once he's in Tokyo with the real pros...Those lads will eat the absolute gamebox out 'o himself"
Séan:"Nah, t'is jealous ye are Will, no one beats this bloody hamster of a lad!"
Cian: (Still focused):" Ye can call me Norris..."
Séan:"Lee's better than Norris. Every half brained arse who knows something about anything knows that."
Cian:"Norris'd turn Lee to dust any day."
Aidan:"That's blasphemy, lad. Lee's the Great Dragon. No one beats the dragon!'
Cian:"Thorin and the dwarves DID BEAT S..."
Oscar (shrieks): "DON'T! I didn't finish reading yet."
Will:"How come? You read faster than me, and t'is been quite a while since you started..."
Oscar:"Thorin... Gets me distracted..."
Davin grumbles something quite unintelligible. Séan bursts into laughter.
Seán:"Someone's jealous of Thorin, don't you think, Oscar?"
Davin:"Shut the f up, Séan."
Séan:"Why should I? 'Tis the truth."
Oscar slowly musses his hair.
Aidan:"Ye should let him call ye Thorin, Davin. To spice things up..."
Davin:"I will in me f! And ye better shut ya beerhole or I'll show ye the Oakenshild first hand, ye hear me Aidan?! First there's bloody Paris, and now this"
Oscar:"Darling, ye need to get over it. It'll be a few months only..."
Davin:"Oh aye, ye get to work with Karl Lagergenius, but t'will be a month or two, no more..."
Séan:"That's why they call it internship, Davin. Come off it, will ye, ya gowl?"
Aidan: "So, when are ye lads leavin'?"
Will: "In a couple o' weeks, no more. I need to get some papers in order to go to Toudai. The hamster has a life there already, but me... That's a different matter."
Davin: "And I'll drop by every now and again to make sure ye goombas are still alive."
Oscar: "As a good brother might... And maybe on the way back from Tokyo ye could drop by in Paris, Davin my lad..."
Aidan: "See there Davin? No need to babble 'n' blarney over bloody Lagerfeld anymore."
Oscar: "Besides, we're goin' to have ourselves a wee honey moon in Rio before I go, are we not? Oh, I can't wait for all that sun!"
Will: "In Rio, are ye?"
Oscar: "Aye! 'Tis time Aidan meets Dee's parents, isn't it my dear?"
Aidan: "I'm goin t' marry her..."
A wave of hoots and cooing noises ensues...
Seán: "I'm goin t' marry her, yer man says... If he comes out of it alive, that is..."
Aidan: "Says the lad who won't travel to Rio 'cause an internet lass might not quite like it..."
Seán: "T'is none of that shite. I'll be busy, is all..."
Oscar (sees the small alarm glow on Seán's eyes): "And where's me dear lassies? Aren't they coming then, Séan?"
Séan:"Aye, but later on. Dee's at the magazine. 'Brid the Bitch' scheduled a meeting this aft'noon. And Róise's with O'Hagan working on an essay on Kawabata."
Davin:" Dee's got herself quite the bugger, didn't she?"
Séan:"Oh aye. Brid the bitch won't give her no rest since she saw yer man here and Deirdre wearing the face of each other the other day..."
Aidan:" Ah, that was plain stupid of me, to kiss Dee in front of her..."
Oscar:"So's romance, darling. That's why ye're so special..."
Séan:"Now the woman wants Deirdre's head for stealing what she thought was her own. And that's why she isn't here yet."
Davin:"Isn't yer man well into the lasses' schedules, eh?"
Séan:"When am I not?"
Will:"T'is a wonder, Séan, since you've a head on ye like a well chewed toffee..."
Séan:"Ah ye bleedin' sap!"
Wails of laughter fill the room.
Aidan:"Were Deirdre here, ye wouldn't be braggin' now would ye?"
Séan:"The nose can only take so much, and she's taken her rage out on it well enough once."
Will:"The game won't play itself! Babes, would ye cop on?"
Oscar (In hushed tones):"And what's with the internet lass ye've been talkin to?"
Séan:"Ah, nothing, really, I just..."
Cian startles everyone suddenly jumping up, hands in the air.

Séan:" Why the f did you that for, hamster? Tryin' to kill me, are ye?"
Oscar:"Scared ten years off me life he did..."
Davin:"Ye won?"
Cian:"I won!"
Davin:"Grand then." Stands up, puts his netbook on the low table. "Who's off the loop then? It's me turn."
Everyone stares at Cian.
Cian:"That's bloody unfair..."

having the bants: spending some quality time with chat and beer
shams: friends
"And that's the craic, she said, with one leg up in the dash 'n' nothing on but the radio": Self-explanatory (provided that you know that cráic means fun)
wee: small, little, younger...
Come off it: Let go
Gowl: idiot
Toudai: The Tokyo University
Goombas: Those little big headed villains that Mario stumps on in every Super Mario Game.
Babes, would ye cop on?: Get a grip
wearing the face of each other: kissing
"to have a head like a well chewed toffee": to be reeeeally ugly
sap: a person that is stupid, according to someone who's not really brilliant...