There she goes, he thought, with those busy heels clicking in harmony with the city buzz. Dublin seemed to buzz even higher around her... Or maybe t'was but the buzz of her queen bee wings... He laughed at the thought. And then decided that a wee bit of a chase and some teasing wouldn't do any harm at all in a lazy afternoon... With a smile on his lips, and her hips swaying lightly in his brains, he approached her... And caught her just as her heels got caught in a hole on the pavement.

Aidan:"Mind yourself there Deirdre. High heels and Dublin pavement aren't quite the match now, are they?"
Deirdre: "Why are you following me?"
And also making her weak in the knees, but she wasn't quite ready to admit it. Yet.
Aidan: "But I'm not... Just thought you might like some company."
Deirdre: "Even if I did, I wouldn't want YOUR company."
Aidan: "Ah, are you after breaking me heart again then?"
Deirdre:"As if there was something breakable in there..."
Aidan:"It wasn't breakable before I met ye... "
Deirdre:"Hands off, hunk... I've got pepper spray."
Aidan: "And I've safety goggles. See? i'm the right man for you!"
Deirdre:" I also have a taser gun!"
Aidan: "Ah... Rubber boots!" That made her explode into a fit of laughter. Finally. "But I'm after taking them boots off for you. Fry me then, if you think you must. I'm not giving up, Deirdre."
Deirdre:" What do you want from me?"
Aidan: "I'm after making ye mine, just as I'm yours."
She started laughing, but just stared at him when he got closer, no longer laughing, but seductive.
Aidan:"I love you Deirdre. One day you'll believe me, I hope. Can I at least walk ye home now?"
Deirdre:"Yeah, walk me home..."
Aidan:"Well, that's fine then." His hand nestled against her hip and wasn't going anywhere. How could she not laugh...?
Deirdre: "But don't keep your hopes up..."
Aidan:"Don't you worry about that... You've given the words 'hope' and 'wait' a whole new meaning, love."
Deirdre:"How so?"
Aidan:"Thinking you'll come off it and date me any time soon is about as stupid as a stroll in a bog on a rainy day. You'll still fight me off a while, tell me off about keepin' the hopes up, that's predictable as night and day...But still I'll be here."
Deirdre:"And how about keeping the fire up?"
Aidan:"That's another matter altogether... But I'll shut my mouth before birds start nesting in it"