Since I joined flickr two years ago people were complaining about the takeover of flickr by yahoo. And when people were forced to get a yahoo-ID to keep their flickr account there was a great uproar in the flickr community.

The world was very clear: flickr is good and yahoo is evil. Many people left flickr cause of yahoo, others stayed but never stopped complaining.

And now? Just a few hours ago it was announced the Microsoft wants to take over yahoo and what is the flickr community doing? They're afraid to loose their yahoo-ID's!!!!

The status of yahoo has just changed from evil to at least acceptable, because the real evil has now  entered the scenery...

The same people writing always against yahoo are now defending it and started to fight against Microsoft.

Isn't that crazy?

All this, flickr, yahoo, Microsoft, google and also ipernity is not about good and evil, it's about making money, and therefor, I think, there's no need for discussion on the level of morality...