Now we have groups, and like one could have expected we have again a boost on activity on ipernity like in the first few weeks. People are founding groups, joining them and posting pictures and even people I thought have left forever come back and show activity. That's great and I really hope that this time the activity will not die again as the last time.

The second noticeable thing is the generous behavior of ipernity staff. Thanks to Christophe, Christian and Lea for giving us non-pro members much, much more than 10 groups. That's great and I think many of us will pay it back to you by making this place more attractive for old and future members :)

I myself already founded some groups, I hope many people will enjoy. Please join the following groups:

But there are many other groups already, so much possibilities to be active and having fun around here :)

But I have also two things I would like to have changed on the groups:

  1. The most important: Please stop these 'xxx has joined your group ...' messages. It's awful, I already had deleted about hundred of them. Or am I just to stupid to see the button I have to press to stop it?
  2. Please enable an editor like this for the blog entries to write the group descriptions . It would be really helpful to make nice looking descriptions :)

Beside this, groups look technically very good, especially for a beta version. Good job, ipernity staff!