Here the update on promise:

When I got up early Monday morning, the reply to my support request to Datacolor was already in my mailbox. It turned out that (totally un-Mac-like) installer and software have to run under an admin account. Done that way (which I hate), the software did a fairly good job and calibrated the monitor to a beaufiful neutral gray. Took some time (sllightly more than to create a sandwich) but absolutely ok to do once a week. Not fully unexpected, the resulting icc profile is not flagged applicable for the built in monitor, but unchecking the respective checkbox in the color module in system setup made it visible...


  • Hardware 4/5
  • Software 2/5 (upwriting because it finally did the job)
  • Documentation and online resources 1/5
  • Support 5/5

Add a great software and it would be a clear recommendation. This way it's a "buy" because there are not so many alternatives around...

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