What the hell was I doing in an adult bookstore purchasing porn? Damn it! At that time no one was talking about women sex addiction. Well, I was one of them and I didn't have any resources to help me deal with it.

Anyway, after purchasing some magazines and newspapers from the adult bookstore I returned to my apartment. I cut the plastic wrap around the magazines and began to search the contents. Inside were color and black and white photos of various women gagged and bound. There was the aspiring model who came to a studio to have test shots taken by the photographer who turns out to be a white slaver. There was the housewife who was bound and gagged on a chair all day while the husband went to work. There was the secretary who was attacked by the boss. There was the woman in a bikini who was kidnapped from the backyard of her home. The simple plots set up the scene for getting a woman gagged and bound. These damsels in distress stories were exactly what I fantasized about and acted out in my fantasy play. My heart was pounding and I felt my body tingle with erotic desires. For the next few hours I began masturbating as I imagined myself as the woman in the stories.

My mind and body were totally consumed by pornographic pleasures. After my masturbations I made a plan to contact the publishers of these magazines to inquire if I could model for them. I looked through the adult newspapers and saw ads for exotic dancers, escort services, massage parlours, phone sex, and other adult entertainment. Perhaps I could get involved in one of these. I lost all sense of reality and rationality as I allowed myself to be swept into this pornographic swamp.