I want to describe the members of my family.

Father: a silent, self centered, uninvolved, miserly, dictator of the family. He was a hoarder whose junk was all over the house and overflowed into my bedroom. I heard that after getting married he threatened my mother with a knife. I witnessed him in a rage hitting my elder sister in the face and ready to continue pommeling her.

Mother: a permissive, passive aggressive, grumbler of the family. She hated my father. Behind his back she would complain, criticize, and put him down. She always said that if she could relive her life she would never have married him.

Elder sister: she was like a third parent because she was ten years older than me. She also hated my father for treating her like a slave. She bullied me, teased me, criticized me, disrespected me, yelled at me, swore at me and coerced me do things I did not want to do. Like my mother, she grumbled behind my father's back.

We lived under the same roof but we were emotionally disconnected from one another. Each of us lived in our own world. As the youngest in the family I felt powerless and helpless to defend myself against the various things done to me. I silently endured the pain my family caused me. The feeling of isolation only grew larger as I got older. In fact, I can describe my home as a kind of Prison. I was trapped in my family's dysfunction and I didn't know how to escape.