The storyline in my fantasy play varies very little in its basic structure. I can be a mother, single woman, secretary, stewardess, cheerleader, student or other identity. The basic plot goes like this:
1. I am returning home or I am entering a room in my home.
2. I am attacked and knocked out.
3. I am gagged and tied.
4. I wake up and struggle with anxiety and fear.
5. I am tormented by my assailant.
6. I long for my hero to rescue me. He always comes very close to discovering me
but is always thwarted and deceived by my assailant. Alternatively, I have an
opportunity to escape but I am always captured again.
7. I fall into deeper anxiety and fear as I realize my situation is hopeless and I am
totally in my assailant's control.

This storyline parrallels my experiences in my family:
1. I experienced trauma in my home.
2. I feel under assault by my family.
3. I am trapped in my family's dysfunction.
4. I have feelings of anxiety and fear.
5. I am daily tormented by my family.
6. I long for help which never comes.
7. I feel hopeless, powerless and controlled.