I grew up in a family that was not very close. We lived in the same house but each of us led our separate lives. Unfortunately my family did not have the ability to nourish me with the emotional support, encouragement and recognition I needed. As a result I learned from a very young age that I was alone to survive in my family. Pain, sadness and lonliness grew deep inside of me as I experienced bullying, abuses and non-recognition of my individuality by my family. As a child I did not understand why I liked silky things like pantyhose or tying myself up. I developed a "fantasy play" to comfort me in my pain.

The drawings I show are not pretty pictures. They are violent, ugly, sexual and horrid images. Inside of me I carry years and years of pain, sadness and lonliness. I wanted to get my invisible pain outside of me and into the physical world. The drawings are a result of my attempts to do this. I share the thoughts of my "fantasy play" and later comment on those fantasies.