This is a guide for iphone newers. For fill, pimp and tunning this cool tool...


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sync your iphone with ur mac with Wisync

iphone apps

drop copy for send file from mac to iphone and iphone to ur mac

daily direction

wallpapers for iphones and ipod touch and this

new next SIM 2 for v 1.1.2. works in USA iphones

great forum for ipod touchers BUT most of that works on iphones ipod touch fans

every jailbroken iphone have the magic of erika sadum, her last app call listen

best repo for (add by source)

Mod My Iphone:
Loring Studios:
MTL Repository:

Yesterday i made the downgrade from 1.1.3 to 1.0.2 and then for now upgrade to 1.1.1, all i made was taken from here hack that phone

the restore files versions 1.0.2. and 1.1.1 taken from here

need help?

Today i upgraded to 1.1.4 firmware...(if u just upgrade installer app won't work correctly, u need to restore the iphone, and then add the 1.1.4)

After that, i run the zip phone 2.5 beta...was very fast

then sync with itunes (i have the 7.6.1) again all the app from the installer app

works great and with all people in the world can have an iphone without using any contract or something...

here a video running with 1.1.4 perfect..

SDK march 6..when apple flirt with us

now my best iphone app blog

Q: Everytime I make a call, a little annoying popup comes up that says "Call Forwarding Active" with a button that says dismiss. I can either hit the button or it just goes away after a few seconds.

A: I checked this over the internet. It seems like a lot of people has the same annoying popop when calling out and it is caused by an active voicemail forward setting. Logically, the only working solution to avoid the popup so far is to disable the voicemail forwarding.

!!Warning: When performing this instruction, all voicemail forwarding will be disabled. Continue only when you really want this!

- Open the dial pad phone then tap #002# and tap Call


-twitter for iphone ( over source and then Twinkle)

also MobileTwitter @ your fave repo

...stay tune for more...