On 14th and 15th June 2008 the 42nd Landesposaunentag took place at Ulm. 7500 players transformed the Danube city at the cathedral Muenster and at other places into a city of the music. Again and again an impressing play, if those intone together thousand-shank before the Muenster music pieces of different sections. Also in this year however the cathedral bells had to be silent due to the repair work. The prelude meeting was new on Saturday at 19.30 o'clock on the market place.
The tradition of national trombone days in Ulm as regular place of event goes back into the year 1946. A group of musicians placed at that time, only one year after the Second World War, iniciated a concert – in the rubble of the cathedral Muenster for many participants and visitors an impressive, unforgettable experience.