What are the best ideas for promoting your photography? Well some of the obvious is to have a Pro Flickr Account, and of course an Ipernity Account. I am going to assume that you have done both of these. Now, for some other ideas:

1. Get a pro gallery. This can be costly and time consuming, but there is on option that is cheap, professional, and easy. It is photfront, you can get a free gallery and it links right to the Flickr API. Here is mine; I am awed by the quality of this site. I will soon be upgrading to a pro site at the very fair price of 10 dollars for a lifetime membership.

2. Well, the next step is to get a free blogger account. Once you do this you can adapt your page into a Flickr slideshow, and have links for sales. (Look for a future article on how to make a Flickr slideshow on blogger.)

3. Links for sales your ask? Well I use paypal, they have nice buttons that you can put on your blogger account. From here, you can manage world wide sales. Here is an example of mine. And of course, feel free to donate, lol.

4. Google local photography shows, and be sure to enter some. I have and won, and so can you. Not only may you get a small cash award, it works nicely for your attributions.

5. Become a member of JPG magazine. You can submit photographs in themes, and they accept articles. While the rewards are small 100 dollars if you are published, it sure is a great feeling to see your picture in print. Yes, you can win, I have.

6. Get some photo business cards (I got mine here and the key chain and the book), a book that displays your 100 best photos, and a key chain that has your best picture on it. Why a key chain? Well, you will always have something to show no matter where you are, that you are photographer of excellence. I am also looking at this site for my next book.

7. Enter online photo contests. You have to be careful here and avoid the rip off sites. Ones that are offered by well know names like Ritz, and Circuit City are a good place to start. I like the Circuit City site because they have a contest each month and the prizes are great. And there are really not many entries.

8. Approach local galleries. I am a shy person, but I do this.

9. Check out Hey Hot Shot. This one costs some bucks, but the return might be great.

10. Don’t forget to show your friends your photographs, that has been one of best markets.

Good luck all.