What I find somewhat irritating - not only here, but on all similar platforms - are beautiful and well composed photos which just come along with the file name assigned by the camera such as IMG_4711 and nothing else. I see a breathtaking landscape or seascape, a cityscape, a plane or ship or whatever and don't have the foggyest idea as to what or where this may be. Is it so difficult to add a title or give a short explanation? I personally find this practise irritating. Therefore I will not comment on or even open photos without any explanation or title, even if they are absolutely stunning and outstanding work.

What I find a bit disappointing are such excellent photos of beautiful places on this planet, having an explanatory title but come without a geotag on the map. Expecting this might be a legacy from my time at Panoramio, however, I personally find this information extremely useful. When I encounter such marvels, I may in some cases politely ask to add this information. And if the author of the photo does not remember the correct location (happens all the time to me with my old stuff) wouldn't it be fun to have a feature, where others may propose or correct the position, where the shot has been taken?

Update Dec. 19th, 2015

And there is more on my list:
  • User names complex like a good password - why should I go through the hardship to type something like *>Rod54_TX3<* only to adress the author of a beautiful photo or - even worse - just to thank someone for a friendly comment .
  • Big graphical logos of the author ruining often enough the balance of a otherwise well composed photo.
  • Photos behind "barbed wire", i.e. with extended copyright protection text e.g. like "This work is protected by international law, don't use this image on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit permission, violators will be prosecuted" . I find this a bit offensive and moreover redundant because this is already covered by the Ipernity setting of "all rights reserved". And it does not serve any good purpose, because whoever wants to steal a pic will do so, with or without this "threat".
  • Offensive and/or ugly avatars do not really get my attention.
  • And then there are the photos with the horizon askew. Given all the nice functions we have at our hands today I find it disrespectful towards the beholder to show such photos without correction.
Don't get me wrong and don't be upset, it is of course the decision of the user, how to set up her/his account and I do not want to interfere or to be intrusive. It is not her or his duty to please me but otherwise it is not my duty to visit his/her account or comment on the photos.

Was on my mind for a while and needed to be said sooner or later ;-)